Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What would help you improve your metadata?

At the Digital Library Federation Forum coming up in Baltimore, there will be a working session “Moving Forward: Examining the Needs to Re-tool the LAMs Data.”  (That’s “LAM” as in libraries, archives and museums.)   It is part of a track of four related sessions to explore the how the movement to web-friendly metadata will affect libraries, archives and museums.  The results of this session will feed into CURATEcamp immediately following the DLF Forum.

The intent of this workshop is to identify needs to manipulate or repurpose metadata that 1) require a bit more scripting or programming savvy than many metadata librarians have, 2) could benefit staff at multiple institutions and 3) can be developed and used uncoupled from specific local infrastructures. The full description of the session is on the DLF web site.

The organizers would like your help in three ways, whether or not you are in a DLF-member institution or can come to the meeting:

·         Identifying use cases – Are there situations where you know how you would like to change your metadata, but lack the tools or experience to make those changes happen? Tell us about them.

·         Inventorying tools – What tools have you found helpful in manipulating your metadata (for example, people have suggested MARCedit, ImageMagick, and Oxygen.)

·         Listing pools of data – What databases would you like to draw on to enrich your data? For example, VIAF and id.loc.gov.  

      Help us make the most productive use of the energy at this gathering of catalogers and coders! If you work with metadata, we want to hear from you.  Please add your thoughts to the posts here on each topic, and we'll bring them to the meeting on November 1, 2011.

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