Thursday, January 5, 2012

We have notes! Now what?

Thank you for your contributions to the lively session at DLF, and for your patience as we recorded the results.  Notes are now available on the DLF website. Now we need your help again.

Are there next steps that we, collaboratively, can take to help fill some of the gaps that have been identified?

Should this blog be continued to discuss transforming metadata in libraries, archives and museums?

One idea is to create regular posts, each opening a discussion about a particular need, tool, barrier or dataset, with the goal of people using the comments to ask questions, share expertise and learn from one another.  We could solicit posts from experienced tool users or inquiring minds to get the ball rolling on a given topic and see where that takes us. An initial post could be rich or stubby, but would serve as a foundation for comments.

Would that be useful to you? Would you participate? Would you consider authoring a post? Are there other, better ways this blog could be used to support the LAM metadata community?  Or should we just call this a wrap and rely on existing listservs and other venues to share this kind of information? 

Our inquiring minds want to know what you think.  Thanks.

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  1. Hi, I am finally getting some time to catch up with this (since it was mentioned at the LLDIG meeting at ALA Midwinter). When was that, Jan 22? OK, better slow than not... My answers are:
    yesm, publicize it on LOD-LAM, metadatalibrarians, DLF list and other lists, which would open it up to folks outside DLF community, but use discussions on the blog to spark discussion topics or initiatives at DLF Forums;
    no, don't think there's anything with quite this slant on metadata transformation elsewhere yet!